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Lobo left for his U.S. trip on Saturday. The president's itinerary will take him to the U.S. states of New Orleans and Miami, where he would visit a number of universities and ta


ting." Her friend, 63-year-old Sidney Schutze, was at school when the news exploded. She echoed Marshall by saying: "I think everything changed after the tragedy. America lost inn.


announce its decision until next week on the military agreement signed between Bogota and Washington, which allows U.S. troops and advisers to use seven military bases in Colombia.


e in northern Syria on July 8. Al-Fadhli, who had previously been targeted and believed by some people in the U.S. to have been killed, was traveling in a vehicle near Sarmada, Syr.


" to investigate human rights violations during the military dictatorship. The four-star general said in a statement published by the local daily Folha that the Truth Commission wo.

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versity of Amazonas to train people working for film industry in areas such as scenography and lighting. "I intend to create job opportunities, particularly for the young. It is kn.

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ly 2006, which forced him to delegate the presidency for the first time after 47 years in office. Castro added that after leaving the hospital he found "a crazy world" that "no one.

g Fund ( SBLF), to help the businesses grow and create new jobs. ? U.S. President Barack Obama delivers a statement in the Rose Garden of the White House in Was.

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